Boundaries…why are they important to your fitness journey? 

Why boundry setting is important to getting and staying fit

Most of our members here at DSC are adult professionals and most have families with very busy lives.  One pain point I hear over and over again, is when family or professional commitments get in the way of that one hour a day we need for ourselves to get healthy.  And it’s a slippery slope and often it keeps happening until we have been away too long and get derailed.   Then comes the day I dread (and it has nothing to do with profits). I get a cancellation email that says “I’m just too busy.”  Those words are tough to hear.  I just want so bad to help that person understand, we can’t pour from an empty cup!  Your cup is going to be empty!  And you will NEVER have the time to work out.  Life just isn’t like that. To be successful and consistent, making yourself a priority and setting clear boundaries and expectations around that is essential. Let’s talk about it.

That one hour a day where we move our bodies, strengthen our bones and muscles while “showering our mind” is vital to our wellness.  And we know this from mountains of scientific data which tells us that movement, resistance training and community are better than any pharmaceutical in existence.  It is movement and strength training, in particular, which either prevents or significantly decreases the extent of chronic disease such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes to name the biggies.

So, what does that look like?  What we are talking about is setting clear limits both professionally and personally, that your workout is a non-negotiable.  When we set the expectation that our fitness routine is something we are not willing to compromise on, it’s important to include some context.

Work:  Contrary to the belief that taking time for fitness can hinder productivity, regular exercise has been shown to boost cognitive function and increase energy levels. By setting boundaries with your employer regarding your dedicated fitness time, you not only improve your physical health but also enhance your performance at work. Increased mental clarity, facing challenges with a resilient mindset?   Where do I sign up?

What about when it comes to family responsibilities?  Setting boundaries doesn’t mean neglecting the family; it means establishing a healthy balance. When you take time for your fitness routine, you return to your family and work commitments with increased energy and a positive mindset. This not only benefits your own well-being but also strengthens your relationships with family members and colleagues.

And finally, when we set clear boundaries with the family, we are teaching.  We are actively showing our children and our partner, by example, that finding time for fitness is healthy for everyone and could empower them to make those changes for themselves.  When we live by example, the people around us see that and take notice.  As parents, we never stop teaching our children.  Should we teach them that someday when they have a family, in order to be a good parent, they must sacrifice self-care?  Or do you want more for them?  It’s up to us.

Remember, a healthier you benefit, not only yourself, but everyone around you.  So go ahead, set those boundaries.  Let the people around you know that this is a non-negotiable.  They will test you, rest assured.  Hold your ground and in time, the boundaries will be clear and you will be feeling happier and healthier! 

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