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4 Tips to Boost Workout Motivation

So you’re ready to get started living your healthiest and happiest life. You’re ready to get into a consistent workout routine and lose those quarantine pounds.

You’re ready to get motivated.

We are here to help.

One thing we hear from members before they join DSC is that they just couldn’t seem to get or stay motivated. They try different forms of exercise, join various gyms, and start a new diet, just to lose interest and quit a few weeks later.

They couldn’t stay consistent or motivated long enough to see results.

Then they join DSC and everything changes. For the first time ever, they stop spinning their wheels, skipping workouts, or quitting all together. They start to see and feel real changes. 

They become more motivated than ever. That’s when the real magic happens.

If you’re ready to get motivated and see some incredible results this fall, then this article is for you.

Today we’re covering 4 tips to help you get and stay motivated this fall. 

1| Use ACTION to drive motivation

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Motivation by definition is the desire or willingness to do something like workout. It’s about how we feel at that time, mentally. 

I am going to let you in on a big secret: no one, no matter how fit or consistent they are with their workouts, stays consistently motivated. There are days when you’re going to be excited to workout and there are going to be days when you just don’t feel like it. You could be tired, upset about something, busy, etc.

Most of us start something new and motivation is high. This keeps us excited and on track in the beginning. Then we have a hiccup like a bad workout, an injury, a vacation or bad few days of eating and we get off track and the motivation drops. Then we quit.

Instead, understand that motivation isn’t always going to be there.

If you only worked out or ate well when you were mentally in it and motivated, you’d be very inconsistent.

Especially with the way of the world right now, most of us are all over the map with our motivation, mood, and desire to workout and that is okay!

Here’s what I want you to understand:

The BEST way to improve your motivation is to focus on taking ACTION.

Instead of waiting until you “feel” like working out, just get started. Take action towards lacing up your shoes, getting yourself to your fitness class, or starting that walk or run.

What you will find is that action and getting started drives your motivation and desire to workout. Once you begin moving, both your mood and motivation will drastically increase for both the short and longterm. 

Are you ready to get and stay motivated? Stop waiting for motivation to get you started and just start taking action!

2| Progress over everything

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Here at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning we’ve helped thousands of people get into a consistent workout routine and see incredible results. 

Most of our members come from a background of fitness inconsistency and a big lack of motivation before joining DSC. 

So what changed? What about DSC has allowed them to stay motivated and on track?

My #1 answer would be progress.

Author and world-renown motivational speaker Tony Robins once said that progress is the key to happiness. I would take that one step further and say that progress is the key to motivation. 

What we see time and time again is that members come to DSC and immediately start to see progress. 

Each workout they are improving their technique, moving at a little faster pace, getting stronger, fatiguing less quickly, and doing more. Seeing then feeling this improvement drives motivation through the roof!

You see after years of a lack of results they are finally seeing and feeling progress and that they are moving in the right direction.

This sense of progress is a KEY ingredient in keeping you on track, consistent and motivated. It’s also what adds up to INCREDIBLE RESULTS!

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Here’s what I want you to do:

Seek exercise that allows you to see progress. Avoid doing the same old boring routine.

Progress can be tracked from workout to workout, week to week and month to month. You can see progress in a variety of ways like:

  • Improving your distance or pace on a walk or run
  • Completing more repetitions during an exercise 
  • Using a heavier weight on a particular exercise 
  • Improving your workout intensity
  • Holding that plank a bit longer
  • Increasing your workout frequency
  • Changes to daily energy
  • Changes to how your clothes fit

It all adds up! Progress = motivation!

At DSC, we make seeing progress easier.

3| Have an accountability team

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When you read the incredible transformation stories at DSC, there is one constant:

Almost every member who joins DSC comes from a place of trying to do it alone.

They would join a gym, eager to get started and see change, spend a few weeks on the treadmill or wondering what to do. The excitement around getting started decreases, the fun goes away, the frustration increases, and they find themselves less and less motivated and quit.


They had no support or accountability in their corner.

Picture for a moment a very different fitness experience. Imagine walking into a gym to have your entire workout ready for you. Imagine a group of the most supportive coaches on the planet ready to guide you and push you every step of the way. Imagine an incredible community of fellow members there to lift you up and hold you accountable. Imagine a fun and high energy workout environment that you actually look forward to going to.

This environment of support and accountability drives motivation and your desire to continue.

The research is very clear: working out with others drastically improves fitness intensity, effort, progress, and motivation.

Here’s what I want you to do:

Don’t go at it alone. What we’ve found is doing it alone makes it much, much harder to get and stay motivated. Join a fun welcoming fitness facility or grab a buddy to hold each other accountable. This will DRASTICALLY improve your consistency, progress, and in-turn your motivation. 

4| Join our FREE 14-day trial

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When you combine taking action, seeing progress, and having a team in your corner, fitness motivation soars. 

And when motivation soars, so do your results!

To get you motivated and started, we’ve created a FREE 14-day trial here at DSC just for you!

You can now see what DSC is all about and how we make getting into the best shape of your life easier with our coach-led workouts that are perfect for all levels and our incredibly supportive fitness environment.

Our 14-day FREE trial includes 2 weeks of our award-winning coach-led coaches. You will be working directly with our friendly coaches who help you through every step of your workout. There is no thinking or guesswork on your end.

Are you new to a workout program like ours? Perfect! 

Our coaches will:

  • Guide you through each exercise
  • Teach you proper form
  • Help you work around any injuries
  • Help you work at your own pace (there’s no keeping up with anyone else or any competition)
  • Help you make incredible progress and drive motivation

Are you ready to get motivated?

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