Meet Beth Langlois. 

She came to DSC 3 months ago 


Down over 30lbs = one BIG smile! Congratulations to #DSCfamily Adult Group Training Member, Beth Langlois, we are so proud! #HardWorkPaysOff #WhereGoalsBecomeResults

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A few words from Beth....

My fears were not being able to get in shape and feel good about myself. I did not have the support that I needed. I was scared to fail.  My first workout was hard but I made it thru and felt good I was very surprised that I could do it.

I have lost about 33 lbs. I think that I have gained muscle. My endurance has gotten much better I am even able to run. Before I was not able to jog for more then 30 seconds now I can jog for almost a mile!

I would recommend anyone to join the DSC family. I would tell anyone that they can do it if they put there mind to it. You will feel much better and stronger. It will make you feel more confident in yourself.